CHY 4U: Raising the Bar, Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Yesterday, we attempted to recreate the Paris Peace Conference. While we had some success, the discussion that ensued indicates that we need to raise the level (or bar) of our discourse.  You will do this by accepting the challenge I issue to you. Yes, ladies and gents, I throw down my gauntlet.

 I hereby challenge you to co-author a new set of International Laws.

We will begin by watching this Ted video. Listen carefully for the following bits:

  •  a 9 year old girl caused an uproar about censorship
  •  the printing press allowed scientists to create a common language and framework for publishing work
  • Hollywood lawyers have more access to the Canadian government than Canadian citizens
  • will new tools allow Canadian citizens to co-author bills (note: these bills do not actually become laws)

What does this mean for you? Today, we will write our very own set of laws that will govern how the world economy will work. Think of the law as a Declaration of Economic Rights and Responsibilities. The laws will be based on the following.

Mistakes from the Past

Basic Human Rights and Principles

  • What values should a document like this include? You may look anywhere for inspiration, but the Catechism would be an excellent choice.

The Format

In my folder on the L Drive, you will find a file called International Law. This file contains two links:

  • The first link is to a room in Today’s Meet. This site functions like Twitter. I want you to use this site to tell everyone what you are examining, working on, or wondering about.
  • The other link is to a file on my Skydrive account. We will use this file to co-author our new law.

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