ENG 3U 2012: A Little Grammar

Writing via Flickr, by J. Paxon Reyes

We are in the library for a 1/2 period today. In this first half of class, I want you to work on small grammar errors that appear in your writing. Before you begin, please understand this:

Those students who used feedback in Grade 10 to improve the quality of their sentences (and their writing in general) showed considerable improvement in their work. Today’s work will mirror those steps taken last year.


  1. Go to Edmodo, and look at any feedback I have provided in your work. If I have identified a specific grammatical issue in your work, then you need to focus on that issue today. If I asked you to read over your work with me, then you need to do this as soon as possible.
  2. Go to http://www.chompchomp.com/exercises.htm. Complete exercises connected to the issue I identified. If, for some reason, I did not identify something specific, then you are to complete exercises in the section you find the most challenging.
  3. I expect to receive a post from each of you by 12:15. In this post, briefly explain the structures you worked on (ex: fragments), and how you are progressing. Be honest. There is no value in telling me that you understand the grammatical structure if you are still struggling through the questions.

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