CHY 4U 2012: The Paris Peace Conference/World Economy

Palace of Versailles via Flickr, by minuk

The Paris Peace Conference

Today, we will host our Paris Peace Conference. I will give you 5 minutes to plan an opening statement (45-60 secs) outlining your country’s stance.  Once we have heard the opening statements, the negotiations will begin:

  • consider responding to the opening statement of another nation, or stating one of your major objectives for the Conference.
  • Provide specifics that support your position. Explain why we should consider you points.
  • Remember that if we don’t change the Treaty, WW II and Hitler are unavoidable.

As the negotiations continue, we will attempt to co-author a new Treaty.

The World Economy

Congratulations. Despite virtually no training in the field of economics, you have been handpicked to help the world avoid another Depression. The United Nations and the World Bank have asked you to closely examine the state of the world economy in the 1920s, and use this to create a series of guidelines that authorities can use to help them through troubling times.

Put yourself in a group of 3.

Examine pages 409-413. Based on these readings, what pitfalls would you encourage the west to avoid?

Each member of your group will watch one of the following 5 minute clips. After you are done, you will bring your ideas together:


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