ENG 3U: Going Your Separate Ways

Following our mini-presentations/movie pitches, the two 3U classes will go their separate ways: the first period class will begin reading Five People You Meet in Heaven, and the third period class will begin examining the effectiveness of oral texts.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, yada yada yada……

The Movie Pitch

  • Each group needs to pair up with another.
  • Read each other’s stories. After all, how can you provide effective feedback if you have no context?
  • Listen to the other group’s pitch. As you listen, make notes of any key ideas that you wish to discuss during the feedback stage.
  • Provide feedback

What We Learned About Providing Feedback

  • Be  more specific with the evidence (good and bad).
  • Ask questions to pull out responses. Instead of saying “This needs more focus,” consider “What is this really about?”
  • Be specific, especially concerning grammar errors.
  • Identify key ideas WITH the student.
  • If there is a disagreement, consult a third party.
  • When presenting a list of issues, go item by item. Make sure you agree/understand each item before moving on.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Writing a narrative set in a place you have never seen is a real challenge. Imagine the difficulty Mitch Albom faced when he began working on Five People, a novel set in Heaven.

To help us prepare ourselves, let’s take a look at some Biblical references to Heaven:

Oral Texts

For the next two weeks, we will focus oral texts. We will examine the following:

  • how does a text reflect  its creator and its audience?
  • what impact do rhetoric devices have on an audience?
  • how do intonation, eye contact, and other aspects of speaking impact meaning and reception?
  • what are some of the implied values and ideologies behind the speaker’s words?

We will begin by examining Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Will discuss the meaning of her speech, including values and  implied ideologies,  tomorrow; today, we will concentrate on her astounding delivery.

Please Note: during this unit, you will hear values and ideas that will, invariably, contradict your own. We will discuss these issues as they arise. At all times, we use Catholic Graduate Expectations to guide our discussions.


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