ENG 3U 2012: Constructing Feedback and Diagnostics

Today, we need to improve our understanding of useful feedback. Thus, I’d like you to find a partner and create a scenario in which one of you provides feedback to the other’s piece of (non-existent) writing. Some possible scenarios include:

  1. the writer makes repeated grammatical errors
  2. the writer’s ideas seem rushed or underdeveloped
  3. the writer has made a significant factual error
  4. the organization of the piece needs considerable work (for example, the piece is actually one long paragraph)
  5. the purpose/focus of the writer’s work is unclear.
  6. the piece contains inappropriate commentary (for example, a sexist or racist comment)

Once you have created your scenario, you will present your short skit to me; the rest of the class will be working on a diagnostic activity.

A few pointers:

  • Even if you are sure you are correct, you need to approach feedback collaboratively. Opt for language that leads to discussion; avoid orders and commands.
  • Start with a positive statement about the student work.  (Again, since this is a fictitious scenario, you can make something up).
  • Consider beginning your constructive feedback with “I notice that….”, “Tell me about”, or a question.

Once everyone has the skits ready, the class will begin work on a short diagnostic activity.


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