Using Mail Merge to Publish Parent Codes for Edmodo

This short blog entry will explain how to use a batch process (called mail merge) in Word to easily create personalized handouts for parent codes from Emodo.


  1. Create a folder on your computer, and give it a name of your choice (I’ll call mine Edmodo).
  2. Download this
    Word doc
    to the Edmodo folder. Feel free to add as much content to the Word doc as you wish, but do not change the code within the double brackets (ex: <<student>>).
  3. In Edmodo, create the parent code spreadsheet. Before you save it to your Edmodo folder, rename the sheet to parent-codes.xlsx. This is essential; if you give the file another name, this process will not work. Once parent-codes.xlsx has been saved, you don’t have to touch the spreadsheet again.
  4. Open the Word doc.  You might receive a message stating “Opening this document will run the following SQL Command.” If this happens, simply press Yes. If a windows explorer browsing window appears, simply browse to the Edmodo folder and choose the parent-c0des.xlsx file.
  5. Choose Mailings from the Ribbon.
  6. Clicking on Finish and Merge (on the right-hand side), and Edit Individual Documents.

If you have followed these steps correctly, you should have a new Word doc. Each page of the doc features a different student/parent code combination; print the file, and hand out to your students!
Experimenting with this simple yet powerful feature of Office will allow you to create processes that will save you considerable time. I like to use this feature to merge my evaluations/comments from a spreadsheet to a rubric template….works like a charm.


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