ENG 4U Exam Review

On Monday, I will give you last year’s sight passage. I will ask you to plan out some of the responses you would provide for these questions.

On Tuesday , we will review your work from Monday. Locker Clean Out occurs during this period, so we will not have a full period of review.

On Wednesday and Thursday, you will construct possible essay questions for the exam, and plan out your responses to them.


Inductive/Deductive Reasoning 

There is a question on the exam that requires you to identify and explain the reasoning being used in the sight passage.

Blog form

You will be required to write one blog-style entry in response to the article.

  • Write in short paragraphs (roughly 4-5 sentences)
  • Make your opinion clear
  • Analyze  and provide evidence
  • Argue both sides of an issue if you are unsure of your stance
  • Capture the reader’s attention with your first sentence

Rhetorical Devices

Basically, rhetorical devices are the tools writers use to manipulate the structure of their words to heighten their impact. In some ways, they are the literary equivalent of camera angles and similar devices in film.

  • Rhetorical questions
  • Parallelism
  • Alliteration
  • Allusion
  • Metaphor/Simile
  • Analogy
  • Anecdote
  • Deduction
  • Induction
  • Thesis

Key Concepts from Media (in particular, review the lecture that started our mini-unit on media)

  • Who owns the news?
  • Advertising and news production
  • Conventions
  • Sources for news
  • Going with the Herd

Key Concepts about Tragedy

  • The characteristics of tragedy (see the checklist from the Hamlet unit)
  • Hubris, Hamartia, Opsis, and Catharsis

The Essay

When preparing to write a comparative essay on an exam, it is best to focus on characters, plot, motifs, and themes. We will dedicate Thursday to examining potential comparisons between Hamlet, Life of Pi, Stone Angel, The Glass Menagerie, and All My Sons. You may anticipate potential questions by creating a list of relevant items from the three works and looking for patterns/contrasts.


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