ENG 4U 2012: Blog topics

Here are the topics for your remaining blog entries. Remember that you only need to complete two entries for this round; thus, choose two starting points, and use these as the basis for your blog entries.  Take a look at the  rubric.

The News
  •  Given all of the factors that shape its production, should we trust the news?
  •  Explain how the conventions of a genre of your choice have become cliché.
  • Is the strong mother/inept father convention of sitcoms a challenge to our culture, our is it simply a convention that produces a laugh?
Semiotics and Language
  •  How should we respond when a well-known sign is considered inappropriate or offensive by others? (think of the Redskins or the Rippers examples)
Virtual Worlds
  •  Are relationships fostered by social media and/or virtual worlds less real than those that rely on face to face interaction?
  • What do you think about the trend of spending real money on virtual goods? (think about our discussion of Second Life)
Violence and Media
  • Is violence in one medium (say, print) more permissible than violence in another?
  • How do the conventions of a genre shape the way we perceive violence?
Commodification of Dissent
  •  Is Catholicism counter-cultural?
  • Given that so many forms of dissent (punk, hip hop) have become marketing tools, what does it really mean to rebel?

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