ENG 4U 2012: The Last Day of Media

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make an extra copy of your notes before you submit them on Tuesday. This way, you will be able to work on your essay next week.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I will provide you with a rubric for your two blog entries on Tuesday. This rubric will differ from our previous blog rubric in that it will make specific references to the concepts discussed during the media unit.

Our day will start with a discussion about media violence, especially in the context of the reading from Wednesday. Remember your focus was:

Is violence in one medium (say, print) more permissible than violence in another?


Next, we will discuss the Commodification of Dissent, a fancy phrase that essentially means turning rebellion and individuality into a product. Before we read an article about this topic, I’d like you to recall the following:

  • The term carnival (or the carnivalesque) has been used to describe any counter-cultural undertaking, including media pieces that invert traditional power structures. Watch how the author uses the term in this article.
  • How have signs that point to serious threats to authority been repositioned to point at less threatening signifieds? Blue jeans, once symbols of rebellion, are now  commonplace. Punk, a genre that terrified the establishment, is now used to sell cars.
  • We have already discussed who owns the news. I wonder….who owns rebellion?



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