CHW 3M 2012: Skits and a Riot

You will have the first 45 minutes of today’s class to plan your skits. The groups are listed below. Those students whose names are listed next to the groups are in charge; I urge them to let the power go to their heads:

  • War and Conflict (531-533)  Donny
  • Religion and War (534-537) Nathaniel
  • Learning and Art (540-544) Rebecca
  • The Knight (547-550) Sam
  • Daily life in a Castle (551-554) Laura
  • Women (554-556)  Meghan
  • Black Death (563-565) Marlie

You will perform your skits on Thursday. Make sure that your skit features 5 specific references to the information from the text. I’d like to see some creativity, please.

In the remaining 30 minutes, you need to turn back the clock and briefly examine the Byzantine Empire. Read pages 495-499, and explain  Justinian’s persecution of heretics, the Justinian Code, and the Nika Riot in your notes.


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