ENG 2D 2012: Revision, Thesis Statements, and Introductions/Conclusions


Begin by finding a partner with whom you do not usually work.  Next, you need to use the following criteria to review each other’s work:

  1. Make sure the topic sentences are concise, clear, and argumentative
  2. All of the content in a paragraph needs to connect directly to its topic sentence. If it doesn’t, your partner may need to edit the topic sentence or remove the content in question from the paragraph. Let’s look at this example.
  3. Examine the evidence your partner uses to support his/her claims. Is anything missing? Does the analysis need more support?
  4. Finally, look carefully for comma splices, fragments, and any other grammatical irregularities.

The Thesis Statement

  1. If your partner has included a thesis statement, ensure that it is a good match for the body paragraphs. Hint: you should see clear connections between the topic sentences and the thesis statement.
  2. If your partner doesn’t have a thesis, BOTH of you are to write one for him/her. Given that your partner has clear topic sentences and effective paragraphs, this should be easy.


While there are many ways to write introductions and conclusions, we will focus on the General to Specific approach.

The Introduction The Conclusion
 Start with a general statement about the topic  Restate the central idea in the thesis
 Generate another statement that is slightly more specific  Write a sentence that moves the reader from the thesis to the next statement
Write a sentence that moves the reader from the previous statement to your thesis  Generate a statement that is slightly more general
Write the thesis  Conclude with a sentence that leaves the reader with something to ponder

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