ENG 4U 2012: Preparing for a Tutorial

ENG 4U 2011: The Fine Art of Conversation

Tomorrow, we will attempt a full-scale tutorial. We will divide the class in half, and arrange the desks into two large ovals. The two groups will attempt to address a series of questions that I will provide.
While I can’t give you every question in advance, here are a few that will guide your preparation today. Please remember that this form of collaboration will be evaluated at least once in May;  tomorrow’s work is preparation for the this:

  1. Examine the role naming and names play in the novel, paying specific attention to Richard Parker.
  2. How does Pi maintain our interest  even in the face of the unbelievable?
  3. Martel’s Pi picks and chooses the elements of faith that seem most appealing. Is Martel’s  mixing of religions a criticism of faith, or an argument for its core principles?
  4. “Suddenly the banal – eating, defecating, cleaning, sleeping – is of life and death importance; thus, ideologically, tales of survival represent the triumph of the domestic.” How and when does this novel celebrate those activities that are commonplace and domestic?

Here are a few more questions we will consider:

How is Pi’s home in Toronto a reflection of his experiences on his raft/boat?

If you were to ask Pi about the Meaning of Life, what might he say?

In what ways is Pi’s experiences on the boat a direct challenge to who he is?


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