CHW 3M 2012: Ancient Greece

NOTE: This task is only for one student. If you did not talk to me about this task, then you are clearly not that student, and you should probably get back to your weekend. If you are the student in question, please submit this by Wednesday.

The year is 404 BC.  A proud Spartan grandmother, you have decided to tell the story of your life to the children of your son, a great warrior of your city. The children crowd around you, anxious to hear tales from your past; after all, you have lived a very interesting life!

In a series of paragraphs (one per topic), explain the items below. Because this is a narrative, you can include emotions, conflict, and anything else that will help you develop your story; ensure, however, that you have at least two specific historical references per paragraph:

  • Your memories of participating in sports and games as a young woman (remembering, of course, that Sparta was the only city/state that allowed its women to compete in Olympic-style contests)
  • The pride you felt in your family as you watched your husband raise your son according to the violent traditions of Sparta
  • The stories your husband told about the Spartan standoff against the Persians at Thermopylae
  • The political differences between Athens and Sparta
  • Why Sparta was able to defeat Athens in the Peloponnesian War (make sure you include a reference to the Plague of Athens)






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