ENG 2D 2012: Developing Your Ear

Before I set you loose to practice your rants, I want you to listen to a few video clips. That’s right: listen. I will eventually show you the clips, of course; at first, however, I want you to concentrate on the intonation, pacing, and tone of these speakers.

The order of things:

  1. We will listen to a brief series of clips. To prepare, please divide a sheet of paper into quadrants. Give the quadrants the following titles: Young Boy, Us Magazine, Fox News, and Gravitas. We will use these sheet to track your responses.
  2. You will work with a partner to identify words, phrases, and sentences in their rants that might need emphasis.
  3. I will present you with the rubric for the audio component of the rant.
  4. I will give you some time to practice your ranting.



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