ENG 2D 2012: Organizing Your Rant

The Beginning

Make sure the beginning leads the reader to your stance! Choose one of the following approaches:

  • Begin with a surprising statistic or fact.  Elaborate on this fact for a few sentences, leading the reader to your stance.
  • Begin with an anecdote, or a short story that provides context for the reader.  (Think of the Radical Experiment in Empathy and other sources we have considered)
  • Move from the general to the specific (Begin with goodness, and move the reader to empathy in a few sentences)

The Middle

  • Organize your work around your stance. Your topic sentences should connect directly to your stance; make sure that they clear, direct, and argumentative.
  • All of the content in a paragraph should connect directly to its topic sentence.

The End

  • Don’t back down. Maintain your argument until the end of the rant.
  • include an action step. What should the reader/listener do next?
  • Conclude with a powerful sentence.

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