ENG 2D 2012: Someone Else’s Shoes

Today, we will begin our in-class assignment. Though our attempt to co-construct the assignment yesterday did not work, I think I have come up with an effective approach. You will produce a rant about the need for empathy in our society; I will discuss the details (and the rubric) with you when I return around noon.

In a few moments, Ms. Browning will show you a 20 minute video called the Radical Experiment in Empathy. This video will help you tremendously in your assignment. After you watch, answer the following questions. Point form will suffice:

  1. Why does Sam Richard think empathy is so important?
  2. What techniques does he use to encourage the audience to feel empathy for the people in his imaginary scenarios?
  3. In point form, explain one of the scenarios he creates for the audience. Provide as much detail as you can remember.

Once you have finished these questions, answer the questions below. Again, these questions pertain directly to the assignment; the more you reflect upon your response, the better prepared you will be:

  1. How did Emmett Till’s mother attempt to create empathy for her son?
  2. What impact did Martin Luther King’s nonviolent civil disobedience have on Americans watching the protests at home? (Ms. Browning might show you this video clip to help you generate ideas. Notice that the protestors in the clips do not fight back).
  3. How did David learn to empathize with Islamic Americans in the video you watched in last week? Which experiences helped him the most?

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