ENG 4U 2012: Your Area of Study

Today, we begin our mini-unit about your future area of study. Here is a brief overview of what we will do:

  • You will create one blog entry, called notes blog, which contains your research about the writing conventions in your future area of study. If you are not going to university, or if you unsure of your future area of study, choose a subject area based on interest.
  • You will write one blog entry, called the demo blog, in which you will apply your understanding of the writing conventions mentioned above. The demo blog will be 300 words long.
  • The content for the demo blog can come from relevant news stories. We will rely heavily on google news and http://newsmap.jp/.  Remember that you can rely on familiar stories for your sources/topic.
  • After Easter, you will participate in one conference with me. In this 5 minute conference, you will explain the connections between your research and your demo blog entry.

What is you goal for this period?

  • Create a blog entry called notes blog. You will write your notes for this task in this blog entry.
  • Start looking for uiversity websites that provide information about the writing conventions of your area of study. For example,  search for writing science site:.edu .
  • Please publish your blog entry after each source. This will allow those who follow you (the rest of the class) to get updates about the sources you have consulted; your classmates might find the same sources very useful for their own work.
  • Because you have three days this week to work on this task in class, it is essential that you bring in copies of relevant articles and your notes.  I cannot help you develop your ideas if you are not prepared.

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