ENG 4U 2012: A Few Words About Structuring Your Assigments

Someone asked if the graphic novel option should mirror the chronological structure of the play. The answer, simply, is no. This approach tends to lead to plot summary, and should be avoided.  Instead, let your argument provide the method of organization.

Here is an example:

On the radio today, a sports analyst was explaining the Leafs’ performance this year. He cited inconsistent goaltending, insufficient team leadership, and high ticket sales regardless of the team’s performance as the main reasons why the Leafs miss the playoffs every year:

  • Though he referred to the beginning of the season, he did not review the entire season from beginning to end
  •  He only referred to those moments/issues from the season that support his argument
  • He concluded with perhaps his strongest argument: the Leafs do not improve because management has no real incentive to pay millions to bring top stars to the Leafs. Chronologically, this argument precedes his others; still, because it was his best argument, he saved it for last.


Hope this helps


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