ENG 2D 2012: Improving Your Language Use

Be good in my absence, ladies and gents. Remember, too, that today’s work might help you prepare for the Literacy Test on Thursday.


What you will do today:

  1. You will use interactive exercises on a website to enhance your understanding of language.
  2. You will create a document that will serve as a history of your work this afternoon.

What we will do next week:

  1. We will create individual learning goals for you based on the document you create today. Thus, do your best today.
  2. We will prepare for a pair of evaluations designed to help you demonstrate your learning.


  1. Create a Word Document. Put your name at the top of the document. Copy and Paste any sentences that cause you difficulty from the exercises below into your  Word doc.
  2. Work on  Exercise 1 for the categories listed below in  Chomp Chomp.  Once you have completed the first three sentences in the each exercise, you need to make a choice. If you completed these three sentences with ease, skip the rest of the exercise and move on to the next category below; if you struggled, complete the rest of the exercise.
    1. Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
    2. Commas (near bottom of the page)
    3. Word Choice
    4. Fragments
    5. Parallel Structure
    6. Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
  3. Save your word doc. Name the file after yourself  (ex: Joe Smith.docx)
  4. Submit your Word doc to the L Drive/Hand In/Pedrech/

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