ENG 2D: Acting and Analysis

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are quickly approaching the end of the play (and our unit test). I assume you share my excitement….

Our goal today is to  complete 4 scenes. Yes, 4 scenes.  Here is how we will proceed:

  • I will assign two groups to each scene. One group will act the scene for the class; the other is responsible for analysing the scene on the class’ behalf.
  • You will have twenty minutes to prepare. The actors must rehearse the scene, while the remaining students must use this time to analyse the scene’s importance. Consider the following:
    1. What happens in the scene?
    2. How does the scene advance key elements of the plot?
    3. How does the scene connect to the prophesies?
    4. Which line(s) best exemplify the events of the scene? Why?
  • The groups will perform the scenes for you. At the end, the students responsible for the analysis will present their findings.

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