CHW 3M 2012: A Bunch of Things

I couldn’t find the original news story I referred to yesterday. Still, here is something strikingly similar:

Here is our pencast from yesterday. Remember that the topic was Heroism, but our real focus was the Socratic Method:


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  1. Marlie Annett says:

    What’s the Socratic Method??

    1. jimpedrech says:

      The Socratic Method was a questioning technique pioneered by the great Greek philosopher, Socrates. Basically, Socrates used questions to reach a deeper understanding of topics. His starting point was that he assumed he knew nothing; next, he would ask others about key ideas and concept (for example, what is courage?). He would continue using questions to refine the ideas expressed by these people. In some cases, he would actually demonstrate the absurdity of their arguments, forcing them to reconsider their ideas.

      Teachers use the Socratic Method all of the time.

      Hope this helps!

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