ENG 4U 2012: Bad Poetry, Good Advice, and Great Acting

I wrote this poem last year. Thusfar, I have subjected two classes to its mediocrity; today, it is your turn.

Why No One Should Write Poetry At 5 AM

So far, students, there is much we have learned:

Hamlet to Denmark recently returned.

His father? Dead, but haunting the castle;

His uncle, the king, a murd’rous rascal.

What of his mother? Did she mourn the dead?

Too quickly she jumped into Claudius’ bed.

Polonius, a well-meaning fool,

Can’t beat Hamlet in a word-witty duel.

What of Ophelia, dutiful daughter?

Why does she have a penchant for water?

(Okay, I admit, the last line sounds odd,

But by Act 5, in agreement, you’ll nod).

Her father  used her to test our young Prince,

Callous treatment especially since

Young O loves Hamlet and he, her…

Wait…actually….I am not really sure.

Does the Prince love? He sent her a letter,

But if he loves her, shouldn’t he treat her much better

Then dismissing her, abrupt and cold

To live in a nunnery until gray and old?

“To be or not to be?” Are you man or boy?

Oh, why must you such cruel methods employ?

Catch the king’s conscious? All good and fine,

But you risk all: your girl, your life, your mind.

Good Advice and Great Acting

  • I’d like to take a look at your advice column from Friday.
  • I’d also like to show you the definitive version of Hamlet. Be ready.
  • Finally, I’d like to show you some student exemplars for blogging.


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