ENG 4U 2012: Good Advice

A few notes:

  • Your first two blog entries are due on Friday. Check the last blog entry for the relevant information (including the rubric).
  • On Monday, we will look at some exemplars from students who wrote blogs last year. Remember to post your response to a professional blogger’s work by tonight.
  • You can find the links to the blogs in the column on the right.
  • You will have one period this week in the library to work on your blogs.

Writing an Advice Column (in your notebook…no blog entry required)

I’d like you to write a 1 page, single-spaced advice column responding to one of the questions below. While you may be as creative as you wish, you must include specific references to the events of scenes in Act III or the first half of ACT IV. One way to do this is to use the events of the play as an example of what to do (or not to do).

The first option refers to Hamlet.  The second option involves Laertes and Ophelia. Though we haven’t reached this part in the play, I think you will quickly realize what has happened to poor Ophelia. The final option centres on poor Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother.

Dear Advice Columnist, I am obsessed with thoughts of revenge. Should I seek vengeance and, if so, when is the best time to do so? Sincerely, Haunted by Ghosts

Dear Advice Columnist, I am about to return home from Christmas break. I’ve been at university for a while, and I can’t wait to have a decent meal!

Anyway, the word on the street is that home has, well, changed. My sister has gone a little crazy; she does nothing but talk in bizarre rhymes and pick flowers. I am not sure why. It may be that guy she used to see; he may be a little unstable, too.  Apparently, the break-up wasn’t pretty.

I’ve also heard that this same guy wronged my father in some way. I don’t know the details, but it may have started with the guy in question calling my dad a rat. A shame. I used to trust this guy; I just hope he didn’t stab my dad in the back.

I have a two-part question: how do I deal with all this madness, and should I confront this guy who keeps wronging my family?

Sincerely, Leery of Lunacy

Dear Advice Columnist, A friend recently told me a secret: my current boyfriend sabotaged my previous relationship to be with me! I am shocked (and, to be honest, a little flattered). I know what you are thinking. I should leave him, right? Unfortunately, this really isn’t an option for me. People don’t ”leave” each other where I am from. I don’t know what to do. My friend has advised me to keep a safe distance from my boyfriend, and wait for events to unfold.  The problem is that my friend isn’t exactly stable. In fact, he has been seeing things. Odd things.

Should I listen to my crazy, yet loyal, friend? Sincerely Sanity vs. Sabotage


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  1. hey mr pedrech, do you want us to post this piece of advice? or to just have it with us in class tomorrow?

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