ENG 4U 2012: The Art of Blogging

I originally scheduled this activity for Wednesday.  Thanks to a bus cancellation, we have lost our library time. Still,  I need you to complete this by Friday.

It is time to explore blogging in more detail. Remember that part of your blog will be dedicated to a topic of your choice; the work you complete in this section of your blog will be formally evaluated.

  1. More detail about this kind of blogging can be found here. The link will also take you to our rubric. NOTE: this round, you will only submit 2 blog entries for evaluation; the blog entry outlined below replaces the third, and will not be evaluated.
  2. The right-hand column of this site contains links to blogs from reputable sources. I’d like you to spend 20 minutes exploring these blogs; feel free to focus on those options that interest you.
  3. Once you have completed these steps, I’d like you to create a new blog entry. In this blog entry, I’d like you to assess one of the entries you read in step 2, using the following criteria:
    • How does the blog entry conform to (or break away from) the guidelines for blogging I provided in step 1?
    • What stylistic devices does the writer use that might be a reflection of the subject matter and/or audience? For example, if you are considering the work of a sports blogger, does his/her work contain expressions and phrases typical of sports journalism?
  4. Please note that this step will prepare you for the blog entries that are to be evaluated next week.

Next, we will consider your rewritten scene from Tuesday. We will also consider Act III Scene 4, in which a character dies…but who?


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