ENG 4U 2012: Ghostwriting

Congratulations! You have collectively been hired by a tv executive to produce a made-for-TV version of Hamlet.  Sadly, because you are high school students, the studio can’t give you credit; instead, you will be ghost-writers, writing for others while they take the glory.  Sound good?

Still, if you are disappointed by the lack of recognition, take heart.  The project looks promising: Michael Cera is the indecisive Hamlet, Russell Brand is the long-winded Polonius,  and Anthony Hopkins is devious Claudius. The show has hit written all over it.

The problem, however, is that the entire broadcast can only be half an hour long. Thus, you have been asked to shorten the third act down to a handful of lines.  Here are your guidelines:

  • Your group will rewrite Act III scene iii
  • You can write no more than 2 pages of dialogue for the scene (everyone must write the lines)
  • You must use common language. No Shakespearean language allowed.
  • You must concentrate on the big plot points and development. What is essential?
  • If you feel really creative, you can rewrite the characters to represent the casting choices outlined above. This step is optional

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