ENG 4U 2012: The Soliloquy of Soliloquies

Today, we will examine the most well-known soliloquy in English literature. We will also see Hamlet and Ophelia interact for the first time; remember that while Ophelia reports Hamlet’s action to her father earlier in the play, we have yet to see the two together.

The order of things:

  1. I will briefly explain how to turn off the email notifications for articles from your subscriptions. (By the way, I incorrectly categorized a few blog entries, making it difficult for you to find what you needed. My apologies. I have corrected this problem).
  2. I will introduce you to the concept of Literary Schools. This is essential for your Hamlet assignment, and relevant to your post-secondary education.
  3. We will read, act, and watch Act III Scene i. As we watch the interaction between Hamlet and Ophelia, I want you to interpret the scene through the lens of one of the Literary Schools we discussed.
  4. We will briefly discuss strategies for choosing novels and conducting research.



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