CHW 3M 2012: Egypt Assignment

Your goal is work on your Egypt assignment.  The discussions will take place on Friday March 2nd; this is also the due date for the infographics.

If you are participating in the discussion, you need to refine your understanding of Egyptian life. Here are the sources we discussed in class; remember to expand the categories to see the items. Play, review, and/or summarize as needed. Remember that you will need to check your rubric for the requirements in each category.

If you are creating an infographic, you need to start planning your work.

  • Here is the link to the School 2.0 poster. Remember that you don’t need this level of visual detail. Still, it might serve as a useful reference for you:
  • If you are completing your work digitally, start looking for images that will help you. Remember to keep track of the images you use; all images used must be cited.
  • If you are drawing your work, start planning. You might want to review some of the sources found in the discussion section above.

By the way, Dr. MacDougall was successful in his attempt to “roll up the rim” to win. He has agreed to share his latte with all of you.


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