CHW 3M 2012: Playing Games for Homework

Our video chat with Dr. MacDougall takes place on Thursday. In preparation, we need to discuss the ways games teach players, and what  we can learn about history from video games. Thus, your homework is to play a game for 20 minutes.  Here is the list of choices; the higher your game is on the list, the better:

In your notes, please explain the following:

  • If you played an online game or a video game, how did you learn to play? How does the structure of the game teach you how to act/survive in this world?
  • How do online games and video games use levels to manage the complexity of the play? What would happen if, say, level 1 was replaced by level 40?
  • If you played a board game or card game, how do you learn to become an effective player? Did you learn more from explicit instruction (someone telling you how to play) or from experimentation (actually playing)?
  • If you played a game set in a particular historical era, what did your game teach you about the era? How can we know if the game is accurate (and should the accuracy matter?)

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