ENG 4U 2012: Posting Feedback

This is our first attempt at peer feedback. Let’s see if we can make the most of it. Today, you need to:

  1. Log in to your blog (remember that you will not be able to access other student’s work if you aren’t logged in)
  2. Add me to your privacy list. Remember that this step is essential.
  3. Read one Mundaneblog entry by a student of your choice.  Provide feedback for the work. In your feedback, identify:
    • Something the student has done well. Remember that the goal of the task was to organize our work around a mundane process, and to have someone famous complete the process to the best of his/her ability. Has the student accomplished these goals?
    • Something the student might want to reconsider and/or address.  Soften your comments by carefully controlling the tone; starting with a phrase like “I wonder if” is appropriate.
  4. Read an introductionwritten by another student. Provide feedback for the student based on the following criteria:
    • Is the thesis (the last sentence of the introduction clear?
    • Has the student clearly used one of the methods of organization discussed in class?
    • Given the method of organization used, what aspect of the introduction is most successful? What needs to be revisited?
  5. I’d like you to dedicate the rest of your time to looking for the writing conventions in your future area of study. Do this by searching through the website dedicated to your area of study at the post-secondary institution you would like to attend; you can also try searching for, say, “biology university writing” in google. Track your findings in a blog draft; don’t worry about publishing your work yet.

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