CHW 3M 2012: Spiritual and Physical Health in Ancient Egypt

Our goal today is to develop a clear understanding of spiritual and physical health in ancient Egypt.  I think you will find the complexity of these aspects of Egyptian life fascinating.

Before we begin, let’s do a quick, 5 minute review of last night’s task. I need two volunteers: one to type, and one to lead.


Each pod will be responsible for creating a short skit connecting to one of the following topics. The skit must explain 3 elements from your group’s reading that might provide the viewer with some insight into Egyptian life. Choose 1 member of the group who will clearly articulate these points at the skit’s conclusion. Here are your choices:

  • Magicians
  • Techniques
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Curses
  • The Dead
  • Injury
  • Treatments

Before we begin, let’s discuss the implications of these activities for our classroom.


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