ENG 2D 2012: From Narrative to News

Today, we are going to read one of my favourite short stories.  I love this short story because of the incredible tension that the writer, Hernando Tellez,  creates from the opening sentence; he maintains this tension throughout the entire narrative, using physical proximity to heighten the mood.

Once we have finished reading this narrative, I’d like you to turn it into a news story. Your group will need to decide what event in this narrative is most noteworthy.

Here is the format you need to use:

  • News articles rely on the inverted pyramid.  This means that most important information needs to come first . Thus, your first paragraph should address the who, what, when, why, and how of the event. The secondary information/details can come in the later paragraphs.
  • Paragraphs in news articles tend to be slightly shorter than in essays.
  • Newspaper articles need to sound objective. This means that “you” cannot be in the article; thus,  do not include references to you or your opinion.

Your group will have 5 minutes to decide upon the central event that you will report. You will have the remaining time to focus on the writing.


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