CHY 4U 2011: Exam Prep

Funny thing…I somehow posted the blog entry to an old, inactive blog I used to run. Sorry.


A: Multiple Choice

B: Short answer/definitions

C: Apply the School

D: Essay


Chicago Heat Wave

American/Arab relations (very generally)


The Great Man Theory

Hegelian Dialectic

Marxist Theory

Great Forces

Radical School

Early Maps


Art (generally)

Faith and Turmoil

The 95 Thesis


The Jesuits

Spain and the New World

Henry VIII

Elizabeth I

Spanish Armada


Gunpowder Plot

Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Protector

French Revolution

Thinkers: Hobbes, Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Swift (Modest Proposal)

Estates General

Tennis Court Oath

Rise of Napoleon

Congress of Vienna


Victorian England

Bow Street Runners

Working Conditions in England

Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto

Godfrey’s Cordial

20th CenturyFailure of the League of Nations

The Rise of Facism and Hitler

World War II

MEFO Bills

Domino Theory


Cold War

Robert MacNamara

Cuban Missile Crisis



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