CHC 2D: Exam Prep

We will talk about the review during the review period. Italicized items are terms you need to know only in the context of something else (for example, that Phil Esposito was a player for Team Canada during the Summit Series).

There are also a few terms/concepts that we will deal with this week. We will discuss Branch Plants, The Iranian Hostage Crisis, The Free Trade Agreement, and the Avro Arrow in the context of Canada’s relationship with the United States.

Always frame your thinking with questions and connections.  Ask yourself why this particular person, concept, or term matters. Also ask yourself how it is connected to other people, concepts, or terms.

PART A     Multiple Choice               Knowledge/Understanding        30 minutes

PART B     Matching                          Knowledge/Understanding        10 minutes

PART C     Terms/Short Answer     Application                                    20 minutes (choose 10 of 15)

PART D     Long Answer                  Thinking/Communication          25 minutes

Events of   World War I

underlying causes (Arms Race, Imperialism,   Alliances, Nationalism)

immediate cause (assassination of Franz Ferdinand)


The Von Schlieffen Plan


the Somme

Vimy Ridge (Currie)


life in the trenches (trenchfoot, etc)

Douglas Haig

Treaty of Versailles



Sam Hughes


Winnipeg General Strike

Spanish Flu

Life in the   1920s


Person’s Case

Lionel Conacher

Great   Depression

stock market crash (occurred on Black   Tuesday)

multiplier effect




World War II

underlying causes


-Rise of Hitler

-Failure of League of Nations

-Treaty of Versailles


Battle of Britain

Dunkirk, Dieppe, and D-Day

Atomic Bombs

Japanese Internment

Post-War   Canada

Baby Boom

War Brides

Branch Plants

Point System

Tommy Douglas


English and   French Canada

Richard Riot

Quiet Revolution

FLQ/October Crisis/War Measures Act


Canada, Cold War, and America

Cold War


Avro Arrow

Suez Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

Free Trade Agreement

Canadian Peacekeeping

Iranian Hostage Crisis

Summit Series/Phil   Esposito


Constitutional Issues

Constitution/Canada Act

Meech Lake Accord/Elijah Harper

Oka Crisis

The Rwandan Genocide/Romeo Dellaire



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