CHC 2D 2011: Canadian Peacekeeping

A few weeks ago, Ms. Brink led us through a review of the Suez Crisis, one of the defining moments in Canadian history. This event was perhaps the highpoint in Canada’s long history of  peacekeeping.  While Canada soldiers have served in many peacekeeping missions, we will examine two: the peacekeeping missions in Rwanda and Bosnia.

  • Please note that you will watch a few video clips that contain disturbing images.
  • Because people lost their lives during these struggles, it is essential that you treat the subject matter with the appropriate level of respect.

Your Task:

You will write 3/4 of a page explaining why Canada should or should not continue its tradition of peacekeeping. Whatever your choice, you must make specific references to:

The War in Bosnia: This 5 minute video provides a brief history of Canadian peacekeeping. Notice that the video outlines moments of pride and of shame for Canadian peacekeepers. Make sure you work contains at least one reference to Bosnia.

The Rwandan Genocide This 17 minute video explains the experiences of Canadian Lt.-General Romeo Dallaire, and his failed attempt to prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

As you watch the videos, make note of any details that may support your claims.


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