ENG 4U 2011: Tutorial Schedule

Everyone needs to show up to class for attendance.  Once we have arranged the classroom, I will send those not participating in the first round of tutorials to room 201.

Those working in room 201 will have the time to work on their notes for their novel study. If you submit your notes today, I will try my best to return the notes to you by tomorrow. Hopefully, this will help you get started on your essay planning.

The groupings are:

Period 3 Baganha, Matthew
Bedard, Brandon
Berkmortel, Brian
Brzozowska, Diana
Bujnowski, Matthew
Cadman, Kelsey
Cantin, Monica
Buren, Jake
Edwards, Emily
Gaudet, Ethan
Gegear, Shea
Greve, Aliesha
Kustermans, Brian
Leslie, Michelle
Period 5 Lewis, Gary
Lucio, Kelcey
Martins, Brian
McDonnell, Thomas
Myers, Kelci
Pomnikow, Tasha
Posliff, Chris
Primeau, Nicole
Slegers, Michael
Trbizan, Hayden
Van Dyk, Madison
Vandendriessche, Justin
Xavier, Brianne
Young, Sam

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