CHY 4U 2011: The Consequences of Colonialism

Ladies and gents, your brilliant skits will have to wait a day or two. Instead, we need to examine the impact colonialism has had on the world. By the way, I have some interesting news for you:

Remember the Twitter-like experiment we tried with Today’s Meet? Your work was shown at meeting of 125 teachers and principals; they were quite impressed with you.

Today, I want you to explore the relationship between the slave trade/colonization in one region of the world, and attempt to find any present-day problems that have resulted from this practice.

This is a challenge, I know. I have faith in you.

Step 1: Choosing a location/colony

  • Here is an interactive map outlining the history of England’s slave trade.  Take  10 minutes and explore the content, including the audio and images connected to each location on the map.
  • Once you have scanned the maps, choose one location in Africa or the Americas. In your notes, list any important facts, details, or issues from the map that outline the slave trade/colonization in this region.

Step 2: A short history of inequity

  • Find a brief history of the colony/location since  colonization/the slave trade. As you scan the information, I want you to look for any conflicts and struggles that may have roots in foreign involvement. Look for direct references to British involvement in the region.

Step 3: Modern Problems

  • Find an article or a news story about the region you have been investigating. Can you make any connections between the event in the news and the consequences of colonialism? For example, regardless of who is to blame for the state of Attawapiskat, its very existence is a reflection of British colonialism.
  • In your notes, briefly explain the story.

We will discuss your findings on Wednesday.


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