ENG 4Y 2011: Choices

So at this time of year that is so very blessed,

It appears, my students, that you are a little stressed.

Blogs, your notes, a tutorial next week,

Your prospects, I fear, may seem rather bleak.

Not to add fuel to the proverbial fire,

But your work in other classes may be just as dire.


What are we to do? How shall we cope?

Is there nothing for which our students can hope?

Today, I offer you this small respite:

A chance to decide what we do ere tonight:

Do we launch into a contest of poetic glory?

Take a look at virtual worlds ( a few being gory?)

Don’t like these options? We can learn spin lies

Complex and detailed,  epic in size.

So what will it be? Poetry, constructs, or deceit?

Lies, worlds, or through verse compete?




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