CHY 4U 2011: Tweeting the Industrial Revolution

Yesterday, we discussed Karl Marx and excerpts from the Communist Manifesto. While Marx argued that the haves have always oppressed the have nots (patricians vs plebs, lords vs serfs, history teachers vs helpless students), there was still something new about the disparity brought about by the Industrial Revolution.

Today, we will create a series of tweets that outlines the cultural, economic, and political shifts caused by the Industrial Revolution. We will do this by dividing into groups of 4, and examining a few relevant articles from BBC History. Each group will take one article; each person in the group is responsible for the content under one heading in the article.

Rules for the Tweets

  • Because we don’t have access to Twitter, we will use a Word doc online to unify the ideas
  • Write your tweets in the local version of Word (found under Programs in the Start Up Menu), and copy them to the online doc.
  • You must send a total of 5 tweets about your section. Please send each tweet immediately after writing; don’t copy and paste all at once.
  • Each tweet needs to be sent by someone. This someone can either be a real person (Adam Smith), a fictional kind of person (@factoryworker_23), or a fictitious news source (@theDevilsAcreTimes). Note: no tweets from Jack the Ripper, please.
  • Each tweet can be no longer than 150 characters. You can check the number of characters in your tweets in Word by hitting the Word Count button under Review.
  •  Finally, and importantly, you must respond to at least 2 other tweets. Try to make connections between someone else’s tweet and yours.

Here are the article choices. Form a group and stake your claim:




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