CHy 4U 2011: Power to the People?

All around the world, the masses are challenging authority.

  •  In North America and Europe, thousands of young people engaged in the controversial Occupy movement, refusing to leave public spaces until their concerns were addressed (or, they were removed by authorities).
  •  In Egypt, the youth led  peaceful demonstrations against the repressive government, starting a chain of events that led to democratic elections this week; while there was certainly violence and conflict in Egypt over the last few months, the transition from dictatorship to democracy .
  •  In Libya, the people spearheaded a full-fledged revolt against a king-like dictator; at times, the conflict in Libya has  seemed like a short, but potentially deadly, civil war.

Will these movements devolve into chaos comparable to the French Revolution? It is difficult to say. Still, we need to think about the dangerous potential of such a change.

Your task  is to write advice to either the people or the government, designed to help them avoid disaster.  Use the experiences of the French people in the Revolution as examples to support your advice:

page 186-189

  • The Revolutionary Wars
  • September Massacres
  • From Monarchy to Republic/Execution of Louis

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