ENG 4U 2011: Media and an Unfortunate Problem

Ladies and Gents,

I just realized that I will not be at school on one of the days set aside for presentations. This means that, according to our current schedule, some presentations would be pushed back to Monday, giving those fortunate souls 3-4 more days (including the weekend) to research and collaborate.

Clearly, this is problematic.

Thus, all presentations have been pushed back three full days. Instead of presenting on either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, you will present on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. The original order will remain intact.


Over the next week or so, we will examine media. Here are the ground rules that will govern how we will  embark on this task:

  • There will be no formal assignment/evaluation (though I will be rigorously evaluating your learning skills)
  • The only task you may have to complete at home is downloading docs/videos to your PED at home so that you can read/watch them in class. This will allow you to concentrate on other assignments, such as your notes for your two novels.

Today, we will examine what shapes the news. Here are two videos we will consider: MSNBC on police actions during Occupy Wall Street and Fox News on Occupy Wall Street


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