CHY 4U 2011: How Long Can the King Survive?

It is imperative that you understand how quickly things were changing in France.   While there were signs of discontent throughout the 1780s, the political/revolutionary action we talked about yesterday started in 1789.

  • Louis XVI called the Estates General in May 1789
  • The 3rd Estate declared itself the National Assembly (and took the Tennis Court Oath)  in June 1789
  • The citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille in July 1789

By August 1789, the National Assembly published the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.   A copy of this ground-breaking document can be found on the L Drive. I’d like you to use Smart Notebook (the same program Mr. Schramek uses on his SmartBoard) to complete the tasks below:

I’d like you to read the document with at least one other student.  As you read the document, I’d like you to identify :

  1. rights that have a male or middle class bias
  2. rights that may have been inspired by philosophers
  3. rights that contradict the Great Chain of Being and the Divine Right of Kings

Once we have finished, we will talk about our findings, and you will publish your work as a PDF for your notes.


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