CHY 4U 2011: An Introduction to Dragonslaying…I mean the French Revolution

While I talk to you individually about strategies we can use to kill your dragons, the rest of you need to review the key moments leading up to the beginning of the French Revolution.  Here are the people/events/issues you must understand:

  1. King Louis XVI
  2. The Estates General
  3. Popular culture in France
  4. The cost of bread
  5. The Tennis Court Oath
  6. The Storming of the Bastille
  7. The Women’s March on Versailles


You may demonstrate your understanding in several ways:

  • you may return to the tikitoki timeline
  • you may create a series of short paragraphs in the program of your choice
  • you may create a cluster diagram using Smart Ideas

If you would like to add another option, let me know.


  1. Begin by reflecting back to our lecture/live telecasts from last week. Do you remember anything? If so, add a point or two from memory.
  2. Can’t recall anything? Consult your textbook/notebook.  If you have exhausted these options, look online.
  3. Whenever possible, make a connection between the item and an historical school that seems most appropriate.

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