ENG 4U 2011: Preparing Your Presentation

An example of gladiators fighting a tiger. Kind of fitting, don't you think?

Here are the matchups I have so far. You will notice that there are a few with no names, and a few options that are missing completely.  If you need to lay claim to one of the topics below, or if you and your partner are not on this list, please add your name by filling in a comment to this blog post. You may do this at the computer hooked up to the projector, or by using your phone.

If there is a dispute over topics, do not worry. We will settle the conflict tomorrow either through some sort of gladiatorial contest, or through the careful division of the topics so that there is room for everyone to play.

But first, a question from an imaginary student.

Mr. Pedrech, reading Pi has changed my life. I can’t wait to present my ideas to my peers! How will I know when I present?

Well, Billy, that is a great question. I do not know the order of the presentations yet, but I do know this: students who are unproductive today or tomorrow get to go first!

1. Theme of conflict and religion (Brian and Matt)

2. Pi’s adaptability(Chris, Brian, and Gary)

3. Hope is your friend (Kelcey and Nicole)

5. Art makes order out of chaos (Emily and Kelcey)

6. Parallels between raft, zoo, and Pondicherry (Diana, Madison, Ethan)

8. Blurred lines (Monica, Brianne, Michelle, Tasha)

10. Religious Experimentation (Jake and Aliesha)

18. Noah (Tom, Justin, and Hayden)

19. “Happy Ending” (Brandon)

20. The Island (Sam)

21. The sinking of the Tsimtsum (Michael)

22. Shea


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