CHC 2D 2011: Creating a Citizen’s Guide to Times of Crisis

Our next assignment will focus times of dissent. I really want you to understand the relationship between citizens and government, and the responsibilities that they have to each other. Here is the complete document.

What You Will Do

You will create a pamphlet outlining a citizen’s rights and responsibilities during times of crisis. In doing so, you will construct a central argument, identify some relevant subtopics, and provide proof for you claims:

  • The central argument will unify your work. Think of this as your thesis. Dedicate one panel to this central argument.
  • Your 3-4 subtopics will be the specific guidelines citizens need to use to decide how they will respond to a crisis.  Consider dedicating one panel of your pamphlet to each subtopic and the relevant evidence/proof.
  • Your proof for your thesis and your guidelines will be taken from the topics below. Provide 3-4 points per subtopic.

Your project must include references to the following:

  • The Richard Riot (we looked at this on Monday…remember the hockey re-enactment?)
  • The FLQ
  • The Oka Crisis

Your project must also include a brief reference to one of the following:

  • The Occupy Wall Street movement
  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church (specifically, Duties of Civil Authorities and the Duties of Citizens)

Formatting and publishing:

All assignments will be published digitally. They will not be printed until they have been proofread carefully.

  • The pamphlet must be 11 x 17 inches (landscape). While you may use the program of your choice, I recommend Microsoft Publisher.
  • Leave one panel of your pamphlet blank. We will use this blank space to attach your pamphlet to the museum. For example, if you divide your pamphlet in 3, you have 5 panels to fill; the 6th panel would be attached to the museum.
  • Dedicate one panel to your sources. All sources must be cited in MLA format, including images. Use your textbook as your main source!
  • We will consider a few online exemplars that should help us decide what makes a pamphlet effective.

Why you are doing this:

  • It is essential that young citizens think carefully consider their rights and responsibilities. When (if ever) should citizens break laws?  If recent events in the Occupy Wall Street movement are any indication, these problems are not going to go away.
  • I want you to use historical events to help you shape your ideas about the future.
  • Your work will be assembled into a portable museum that will be on display at Our Lady of Lourdes; thus, this is your opportunity to teach the young.

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