CHY 4U 2011: Dragon’s Den

From Mr. S:

Today we will return to the 18th Century. It is at this time that Absolute rule exists (Monarchs claim legitimacy from God himself). Religion is still highly prevalent within European society. The Legal system is still defined by the Monarch and Nobility.  Economic wealth is determined by legitimacy of the king/queen. Basically this time gives little to no opportunity to the little guy at the bottom of the totem pole.

Dragon’s Den

 For the next two days, we will play Dragon’s Den. You will be paired up and with your partner/group you will open to pages 142-150. There you will find out who your theorist is (from the list below) and develop a Dragon’s Den type of presentation to ‘convince’ Mr. Pedrech and I (who are citizens of the 18th century) why we should listen to your theorists’ point.

 This chart will help organize your points for the presentation: Theorist Context Published Works Why he/she is significant to the 18th century Where his/her main arguments about 18th century society


 Aiden & Johnathan John Locke

 Thomas & Tyler Baron de Montesquieu

 Shea & Kelsey & Luke Jean-Jacques Rousseau

 Katherine & Mary Adam Smith

 Daniel & Austin Fransois-Marie Voltaire

 Jake & Sam Cesare Baccaria


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