ENG 4U 2011: Pencasting Pi

Last week , we discussed the  Journey Pattern. We identified a figurative death where the hero descends into  an underworld to battle his enemy, a dark version of himself.
 Examine pages 160-200, looking for anything that:
  • reminds you of  death/rebirth
  • suggests that Pi is learning to  deal with this enemy
  • suggests Pi and Richard Parker are similar

The pencast that students created based on the task above is here.

I want you to think about the claim that the repetition of “Plan 6” may refer to a number that has, well, gotten a lot of attention (think Book of Revelations).  I’m not sure what the author wants us to think: on the one hand, I doubt Martel would choose such a blatant reference; on the other, this novel has so many Biblical and religious allusions that it is difficult to see this as a coincidence.

What do you think?


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