CHC 2D 2011: World War II

From Mr. Sworesho:


What is the Munich Agreement? Did the agreement help Hitler in consolidating more power? If you were Chamberlain, would you have appeased Hitler?

Page 135-138 (Yesterday’s readings!!)


What is blitzkrieg? What made it so effective in Germany’s war against other nations?

Page 142


Think back to the discussion on the Schlifen Plan in World War I, how did Hitler avoid the issues encountered by Germans in World War I?

Page 143


What happened in Dunkirk? List some factors that contributed to the rescue of over 340 000 Allied troops. How did the rescued troops help in the war effort later on in the war?

Page 144


Who is Winston Churchill? Do you think that Hitler’s plans for forced surrender were manageable (Battle of Britain)? How did the ‘radar’ system help Britain win the battle?

Page 145




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