CHC 2D 2011: Self-Regulation and Collaboration

Over the next two days, our focus will be:

  1. filming scenes
  2. understanding the causes of the Great Depression (pg 102-104, #1-3 on 104)
  3. writing a letter to Prime Minister RB Bennett at the height of the Great Depression
  4. demonstrating self-regulation and collaboration (I will be assessing these learning skills by examining how you work in your group, and how you focus on tasks 2 and 3 when the task is not teacher-directed. Remember that collaboration requires listening to and playing well with others)

When your group is NOT filming, you need to be working on options 2 or 3. Since 2 is reasonably straight-forward, I will explain point 3 in more detail:

Imagine that you are Canadian citizen who enjoyed great success in the 1920s, only to have everything dissappear in the 1930s.  Write a letter to RB Bennett explaining the struggles you are facing. In your letter, makes sure:

  • you make at least 3 specific references to life in the Great Depression (search the scrapbooks for ideas)
  • your letter must also include references to Bennett Buggies and Bennett Blankets

Want an extra challenge? Write the letter to our current Prime Minister; in the letter, explain to Prime Minister Harper why it is so important to avoid a second Depression; make sure you include specific references to life in the Great Depression. 




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