CHC 2D 2011: The Great Depression and Some Great Group Work

We have two goals today:

  • to conduct a little Great Depression Roleplay
  • to complete any remaining planning for your videos

First, the The Great Depression

For the remaining time, I want you to focus on your group work. Some ground rules:

  1. You need a Group Leader. I will choose one for each group today.
  2. You have a few  minutes to list discuss what your group still needs to do. Group Leader, your responsibility is to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak. Consider using a question like “Juliet, what  do we need to do today?” to get things started. (This is assuming that there is someone named “Juliet” in your group. If not, try using the names of your group members).
  3. Next, the group needs to decide on the focus for the  remaining time.  Group Leader, once the group seems to agree, approach me and tell what your group has chosen to work on.
  4. I will (hopefully) give some instructions to the Group Leader to faciliate your group’s work. The Group Leader needs to clearly articulate these instructions to the rest of the group.



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