CHY 4U 2011: Mr. Sworesho takes over…

On Thursday we created Fascist and Socialist states and learnt of the theories behind such ideologies. On Friday we saw how those ideologies were formed through the German and Soviet states.
Today we will learn what happened once Hitler and Stalin obtained power.

The classroom will be divided in four and each group is responsible for one of the four case studies below, which will be presented to the rest of the class after your initial research:


First Five Years (421-422):
Define in your own words what ‘Collectivization’ means
How did Stalin encourage/discourage workers?
How did the peasant farmers react to collectivization and in turn how did the government respond?
How many people died due to the famine? What were the underlying reasons for Stalin’s famine in Ukraine?


Great Purge (422-423):
Who were Stalin’s new enemies?
What had previously happened to all other ideological political leaders/thinkers?
What methods did Stalin use to keep an eye on his people?
How did Stalin gain confessions from those he arrested?


Hitler’s War Against the Minorities (427-428):
What rights were the Jews denied?
How were Jews separated and identified by the government?
Describe the events of ‘Kristallnacht’
Who else were targets of the Nazis?
How did eugenics promote persecution and killings?
Why were the physically and mentally challenged people killed?


Fascism in Power: The Third Reich (426-427):
What was the Reichstag fire and how did it benefit Hitler?
Who were the Nazi’s first enemies?
What was ‘burning of the books’ and why did the Nazi regime carry it out?
What was ‘the night of Long Knives’ and why did Hitler carry it out?
Why were the Nazi’s so popular even though they implemented brutal laws?



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